▪ Bonded® washer:
-Rubber material includes Conductive EPDM,Normal EPDM and CR.
-Metal material includes stainless steel, galvanize steel, copper and aluminum.
▪ Rubber products(Such as packing, Gasket...etc.)
▪ Customization Service for R&D, ODM or OEM.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Specialized Taiwan Bonded Washer Manufacturer

Our focus on R&D and a robust manufacturing process allows us to create innovative products that redefine industry standards. Every rubber bonded washer undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring our customers receive nothing short of excellence. We welcome inquiries, questions, and designs from customers, underscoring our commitment to collaboration and customization. Whether you seek specific bonded washer specifications or tailor-made solutions, our team is dedicated to meeting your needs.


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